1. What is this platform about?
We are a dedicated hub for individuals in India seeking authentic remote job opportunities. Our platform hosts a vast array of work-from-home roles allowing you to find a job that perfectly aligns with your skills and interests.

2. How do you ensure the authenticity of the job listings?
We pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of the job listings on our platform. We have a real-time system that scouts multiple sources for job opportunities before they become visible to the general public, allowing us to vet each job listing. Moreover, we only allow companies to post job vacancies directly, prohibiting agencies from posting, to ensure that only genuine and top remote jobs are listed.

3. How can I apply for a job through this platform?
To apply for jobs on our platform, you would need to subscribe first. After completing the checkout process and subscribing, you can browse through our high-quality remote job listings and apply directly to employers for the jobs that interest you.

4. How frequently are new jobs posted?
We add over 1000 new job listings every week. Our team constantly monitors various sources including social media, news sites, and top company career pages to discover and post new remote job opportunities.

5. Can I get assistance if I face any issues?
Absolutely! Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to help. You can reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook, or Email for any assistance you may need.

6. What are the steps to access the job listings?
- Step 1: Complete the checkout process and place your order to subscribe.
- Step 2: Once your order is placed, you will receive an email containing a link to access the remote job vacancies.
- Step 3: Click on the link, browse through the job listings, apply for the positions that match your skills and interests, and get started on your remote work journey.

7. What sets this platform apart from others?
Our unique real-time job sourcing system, direct employer-application process, and a dedicated support team, together create a seamless job hunting experience. Our focus is on providing genuine, high-quality remote job opportunities, making us the ultimate hub for remote job seekers in India.

8. How much does a subscription cost?
A one-year membership to our platform is priced at Rs.699.

9. How many job vacancies and companies are currently listed on the platform?
Currently, we have over 5000 remote job vacancies listed with more than 2000 companies hiring through our platform.

10. Are there a variety of companies hiring on the platform?
Yes, with over 2000 companies hiring through our platform, there is a wide variety of employers from different industries looking for remote workers in various roles.